The Lord of the Rings

Multi Ring Galaxy NGC 2273

Credit score: ESA/Hubble & NASA, J. Greene

At first look, the topic of this NASA/ESA Hubble Area Telescope picture seems to be a easy spiral galaxy, with two pinwheeling arms rising from a central bar of stars and materials that cuts by way of the galactic heart. In reality, there are rings inside these spiral arms, too: spirals inside a spiral. 

This sort of morphology is called a multiring construction. As this description suggests, this galaxy, named NGC 2273, hosts an interior ring and two outer “pseudorings” — having so many distinct rings is uncommon, and makes NGC 2273 uncommon. Rings are created when a galaxy’s spiral arms seem to loop round to almost shut upon each other, mixed with a trick of cosmic perspective. NGC 2273’s two pseudorings are shaped by two swirling units of spiral arms coming collectively, and the interior ring by two arcing constructions nearer to the galactic heart, which appear to attach in the same method.

These rings will not be the one distinctive characteristic of this galaxy. NGC 2273 can also be a Seyfert galaxy, a galaxy with an especially luminous core. In reality, the middle of a galaxy resembling that is powered by a supermassive black gap, and might glow brightly sufficient to outshine a whole galaxy just like the Milky Method.

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